Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki presented its MA Choreography programme on the first and largest palace of culture in Moscow, ZIL Cultural Center.  


The MA  Choreography programme emphasizes a historically conscious, yet critical, open, and research-based take on choreography. The aspects of Finnish dance teaching system are interesting for Russian colleagues from contemporary dance field.

Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki presents MA Choreography programme in ZIL Cultural Centre, Mo

One day programme included 2 solo performances by choreographers Jenni-Elina von Bagh and Sara Gurevitsch , 2 group demos and lecture by Kirsi Monni.

Doctor of arts, Professor in choreography at the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki, Kirsi Monni has worked extensively in the field of dance and pedagogy as a choreographer, dancer, researcher, lecturer and curator since 1980s. Her research interest is in dance ontology and theory of performance.

The lecture and demonstrations attracted mostly  the professional contemporary dance community of Moscow. The audience were actively involved in the discussion about Finnish contemporary art. In the future ZIL and Theatre Academy are planning to continue demontstrations of young Finnish choreographers in Moscow.