Finnish Dance Weekends project launched in St.Petersburg!

January 18, 2016

On 16th of January a new project named Finnish Dance Weekends started in St.Petersburg, Russia. The goal of it is to find a new concept for development the two-way relationship in the field of contemporary dance. 


Finland is Saint Petersburg’s closest neighbour in the North-West region. Many of Russian and Finnish citizens oftenly cross the border for 1 or 2 days in order to spend a weekend in Saint-Petersburg or Helsinki. During this project Finnish choreographers and dance pedagogues would be coming to St.Peterburg for 2 days to keep workshops and to meet local dance companies, choreographers and dancers.


This project is organised by Dance House Kannon Dance in a collaboration with Finnish-Russian Dance Exchange Programme of Dance Info Finland.  

There are several weekends planned in Spring 2016: 

Janina Rajakangas - 16-17.01
Marjaterttu Willman - 6-7.02
Diina Bukareva - 27-28.02
Katja Mustonen - 9-10.04
Virva Talonen and Heidi Masalin - 30.04-1.05

And hopefully more will come in autumn 2016. The curent schedule might change due to various reasons and the updates on the projects will be announced by Dance House Kannon Dance. 

More information for Russian dancers who wish to participate in the workshops can be found here:







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