Dance Companies in Russia



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Theatre Ballet Moscow


The Theatre Ballet Moscow is an innovative dance company, where unique artistic vision arises from a paired set of two casts – contemporary dance and ballet.

The artistic program of Ballet Moscow is based on multi-genre approach to the repertoire offering performances of wide range of styles – one can enjoy traditional ballets as well as contemporary ballet experiments and contemporary dance pieces.


Interested in: touring, inviting choreographers, workshops

Festival: TSEH Festival

Chelyabinsk Contemporary Dance Theater 


Theatre was founded in 1992 by Vladimir and Olga Pona. The company is supported by the city of Chelyabinsk and has currently 15 dancers. Some of them have been with the company for more than ten years. The company performs work by Olga Pona (artistic director) as well as by Vladimir Pona. 


Interested in: touring

Dialogue Dance Company & School


Dialogue Dance school and company appeared on a cultural map of Kostroma in 2002. Initiated by Evgeny Kulagin and Ivan Estegneev, the company supports and promotes contemporary dance and contemporary art in Kostroma, and is a single independent project of such type in the city. Dialogue Dance company takes active part in cultural life of the region, country and in international exchange programs. It regularly produces contemporary dance performances, conducts dance classes and annually holds contemporary dance duets festival Diversia.


Interested in: touring, inviting choreographers, workshops
Festival: Diversia Duet Festival

Isadorino Gore Dance Co-Op


It was created by alumni of Vaganova Ballet Academy Alexandra Portyannikova and Daria Plokhova in spring of 2012. In work they take an inspiration from current circumstances: it could be space (site-specific performances Waterline, Points of View, Cake with sense, He was a husband for Her, Bench) or correspondence with managers (Let’s Lack mentored by Tabea Martin). The aim of their artistic activity is to achieve the level of creative unpredictability and possibility to combine the in combinable, which is so successfully demonstrated by the government. 


Interested in: touring, giving workshops & lectures

Olga & Elena Budaeva

Olga & Elena Budaeva are twin-sisters who were born in Moscow, Russia. They work as artists, stylists, dancers, choreographers. Since 2012 Olga and Elena have been playing in “War Sweet War” - a performance by Jean Lambert-wild, Jean-Luc Therminarias, Stéphane Blanquet and Juha Marsalo, Comedie de Caen - CDN de Normandie, France. Also Olga and Elena create their own projects and performances. Premiere of their performance “Memory of Heart” was on February 15, 2014 in Culture centre ZIL, Moscow. The new version was shown in the programme of the festival "Lonely in the rain?" on October 24, 2015, Joensuu, Finland.

Interested in: touring, creating performances and site-specific projects, residences, international collaboration with artists from different artistic disciplines

Panther Chamber Ballet


The chamber ballet “Panther” was formed in February 1993 and consisted only of gymnasts who had finished their sports careers. In 2003, “Panther” became a city chamber ballet, and now is an independent, noncommercial organization. Nail Ibragimov is the head-choreographer and the artistic director of the Ballet. By combining different styles and techniques of contemporary dance he creates a variety of new dance forms. The troupe has studied with Benjamin Pheliksdal (Holland), Keiko Kitano (Japan), Frauke Haveman (Germany), Fred Traguto(Germany), Vudrow Wilson (Jamaica), Gilbert Passe-Coutrin (France), Elizabeth Lee (England), Nicolas Lejhter (USA), Michael Trejsi (USA), and Skip Costa (USA).

Interested in: touring, inviting choreographers, workshops.
Festival: Telovidenie, Spring

Vozdukh Dance Company

Dance Company "Vozdukh" is a team working in genres of contemporary dance and physical theatre in Krasnodar, Russia. At the moment repertoire of "Vozdukh" includes three dance performances: Comma (by Alice Panchenko, St. Petersburg) , Allthaticanbe (the idea & choreography by Oleg Stepanov and Alexey Torgunakov (moverevernore), Sweden-Poland), Butterfly Time (by Elena Prokopieva, Saint-Petersburg). Dance Company “Vozdukh” runs its own contemporary dance studio, in which all the participants are instructors. Moreover, dance studio “Vozdukh” often organizes classes and workshops of visiting teachers. It also extensively collaborates with independent theatre platform “One Theatre" since its stage and technical possibilities meet the requirements for performances.

Interested in: touring, inviting choreographers, workshops.
Festival: in January 2016

ZONK'A dance duet


Anna Shchekleina and Aleksandr Frolov present the creative dance duet Zonk'a. We work closely since 2010 after the graduation from Contemporary Dance Department in Ekaterinburg. We have created over ten dance performances. Five of them are performed by us and others have been done for different dance companies. As choreographers, we work a lot with improvisation and creating an atmosphere of performance by feelings and small subtle things. We try to find the special recipe for each case of dance creation. We are open to collaborations, experiments and hungry to learn. 


Interested in: touring, giving workshops, collaboration with finnish dance artists, creation for dance companies.