Finnish choreographers will present dance performances based on Bazhov’s tales

in Yekaterinburg

Choreographers from Finland will visualize tales of the Ural writer Pavel Bazhov as a part of Bazhov-fest.  The casting for the participants to the International Laboratory of Contemporary Dance «Game rules» (Russia-Finland) took place last week in the Centre of contemporary choreography in Yekaterinburg. The results of the laboratory will be presented on 20th of August at the Ural branch of the NCCA.

- In Finland there is an organization called Dance info Finland, which helps dancers from around the world unite and share their experiences, - said E1.RU choreographer Kimmo Allakunas. - We also have a program for the exchange our experience with Russia. When we received the information about the festival "Bazhov-fest" I immediately ran to the library to find out who this Bazhov was in general and what his work is about. And you know what? I found only one old, old book in Finnish of 1984 edition, but what I read there made me interested.

The same book read another Finnish choreographer Ismo-Pekka.


- I was struck by how strange, bizarre and a bit wild language you can speak about the beauty of nature, of mythical characters, it intrigued me, - said Ismo-Pekka. – While reading the book, you understand that the language helps to create such worlds. Here we visited the gallery and saw how different artists see the world of Bazhov, now we expect from your dancers that they show us they see the tales. We are confident that they think outside the box and that they can bright their creative individuality. In each of them we will try to see the person.

- I participate to the project in order to get a new experience with European choreographers, even if it is only 10 days. Connecting the urban space, Malachite casket  and contemporary dance is an interesting task. I believe that you are able to say anything with your body - said Tatiana Netesova casting participant, a dancer with a classical education.

- It will be an unique performance, an orchestrated improvisation, - said  about the future performance Ismo-Pekka.

Choreographers the participants of the casting, and asked them to perform a few exercises for the emancipation and visualization of graphic images.


Photo: Maksim Butusov