Kimmo Alakunnas kept a workshop in Moscow Film School

In the end of January 2016 a Finnish choreographer Kimmo Alakunnas kept a two-days workshop devoted to a movement and dance in films at Moscow Film School.

The Moscow Film School, which is a unique educational center aimed at training specialists for all areas of film industry — preproduction, production, post production and film distribution. Moscow Film School's system of assuring academic quality as well as experience of the leading world film schools, constant collaboration with professional community and teaching conducted by experienced professionals are key elements of the learning environment in the school. The school trains specialists, whose knowledge and skills match the requirements of modern film industry.

Kimmo about his workshop: 

"My workshop was devoted to a movement and dance in films. I had a lecture about dance films and movement in films in the film history from the beginning till these days. How filmmakers and performers have used movement in films as a way to communicate and as an element which leads the story of the film forward. How has movement and dance developed in the history of films and what is dance film. We looked a lot of dance films and historically important films. I talked about how dance and movement is presented in different film categories and where is it perhaps going in the future and what is choreography in montage. After the lecture we had chance to try out our own dance films or scenes where we use movement as a leading element. We also thought about movement in scenography and together with all these elements we made our scenes, filmed them and watch them together with a discussion.

My impression of the school was very good. The building with its architecture is very innovating and all the staff very so nice to me. I really feeled welcome to the school. Students were also focused and really got in to the subject. Students showed me the school and surroundings and helped me with russian language. My translator Jevgenia was also very professional and was a big help for me."

And here's a feedback from one of the participants: 

"These were two amazing days. We have discussed thouroughly the history of dance in cinema, addressed classical projects and discussed contemporary art a lot. Students from theatre-arts faculty and faculty of theatre design have dedicated the whole second day to movement. We have tried and experimented and even had time to create our own short films. We are very thankful to Kimmo for opening this topic of Dance film and to the Moscow Film School for possibility to learn from the best professionals!"
                                                                                                                                                                                   - Maria Balios, student.

Photos by Evgeny Pertaya

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