Finnish dance companies

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Alpo Aaltokoski Company

Alpo Aaltokoski Company is a contemporary dance company founded in 1995 by choreographer-dancer Alpo Aaltokoski. The company is based in Finland where most of its activity takes place. Tours and workshops are held and at least one premiere is scheduled for each year.


Interested in: touring, pedagogic activities (in Russia or/and in Finland), making choreography in Russia, residencies 



The Turku-based Aurinkobaletti (AB Dance Company) was founded on the May Day eve 1981. The early works were neoclassical, but later the style and the steps changed. Aurinkobaletti is known as a constantly evolving, high-quality contemporary dance group, which is not afraid to venture over the limits of its own genre. Aurinkobaletti’s repertoire includes productions for both adult spectators and for children.


Interested in: touring, inviting performances, pedagogic activities (in Russia or/and in Finland), making choreography in Russia, inviting choreographers , providing residencies, searching for residencies

Dance Theatre Liikeri

Dance Theatre Liikeri  is a contemporary dance company from Tampere, Finland. We want to share dance experiences filled with movement and playfullness. We give extra attention on interaction between the dancers and audience, sometimes meaning activating audience, other times involving spectators  in the making-of process.  Our contemporary danceproductions are made for both young and older public and for different kind of spaces. Our focus lies on collective work process, relaxed athmosphere and playing with movement.  


Interested in: touring, pedagogic activities (in Russia and in Finland), making choreography in Russia, searching for residencies 

The Compañía Kaari & Roni Martin

The company’s primary focus is to incorporate flamenco and its Nordic dimension into the field of international contemporary dance, art and music. In December 2012 their work The Raven won first prize in three categories in the prestigious Certamen de Coreografia de Flamenco y Danza Española choreography competition.


Interested in: touring, inviting performances, pedagogic activities (in Russia or/and in Finland), making choreography in Russia, inviting choreographers , providing residencies, searching for residencies 








Ismo Dance Company

Choreographer Ismo-Pekka Heikinheimo blends art and performance with new concepts and artistic methods. His social agenda touches on body politics and the aesthetics of movement. His work is multidisciplinary, interactive and transformative, exploring the spectrum of visual culture. For him dance is a way to perceive, to describe and to be within the world. Genre: Contemporary Dance, Artwork-Specific Choreography, Site Specific Choreogarphy, Dance Video and Movie. Ismo Dance Company produces 1-3 new works per year and tours both nationally and internationally.

Interested in: Working as a choreographer. Making collaborations. Teaching Choreography and Movement Composition workshops. Curating Dance Festivals.

KATVE [blind spot]
KATVE [blind spot] is founded by two independent danceartists Heidi Masalin and Virva Talonen. The collective produces works of Talonen and Masalin collaborating widely with artists from different artforms.

Interested in: touring, inviting performances, making, choreography in Russia, searching for residencies






K&C Kekäläinen & Company


The mission of K&C is to promote dance as an intellectual art form with strong potential in political and poetic communication of gender. The creator of K&C is choreographer-dancer Sanna Kekäläinen. Her work expands the experience of a dance performance by combining philosophy, feminism, text and conceptual thinking with highly original movement language.

The international dialogue in dance is essential to K&C. Since its birth in Helsinki in 1996 the company has toured extensively and it has been recognised courageous, thought provoking and outstanding in the homeland as well as around the world.


Interested in: touring, pedagogic activities (in Russia and in Finland), making choreography in Russia, lectures, panel discussions, possibilities of performance exchange in K&C's studio stage Physical Art Theatre.

Pori Dance Company

Among the main values and aims of Pori Dance Company is to further humane values and increase tolerance through dance. We wish to carry forwards the message of physicality through which one can broadly explore imagination and thinking processes. Besides collaborating with internationally acclaimed artists Pori Dance Company gives possibilities for young artists to realize their ideas and henceforth offer our audiences acute and timely works of art. Most of the repertoire is contemporary based but the company has also a strong history in jazzdance. 


Interested in: touring, inviting performances, pedagogic activities in Russia and in Finland, inviting choreographers, making choreography in Russia.
Festival: Dance Month International Festival. Spring.


TaikaBox is a dance and digital art company run by choreographer Tanja Råman and digital artist John Collingswood. The company has been operating from Wales for the last five years, but - as of June 2015 - the artistic directors are relocating to the Northern Finland, creating a dual base for the company. TaikaBox produces works for stage, screen and site. TaikaBox is also currently developing Skype performances and events that are streamed live to art galleries, festivals, educational establishments and online platforms.


Interested in: touring, pedagogic activities in Russia, making, choreography in Russia, searching for residencies

Tsuumi Dance Theatre

Tradition lives, renews itself and prospers. However, it needs people to make it, cherish it and question it. Tsuumi DanceTheatre from Helsinki gives the field of Finnish folk dance and music an airing, observes potential barriers and finds ways to overcome them. Tsuumi brings dance traditions and the old tonal world to the present day – skill and competence combined with sensitivity and humour. The fiery Karelian temperament and the laconic western Finland meet in the heart of the city.


Interested in: performances for touring, searching for residencies

Willman Dance Company

Willman Dance Company is a contemporary dance company founded by choreographer-dancer Marjaterttu Willman. The company is based in Helsinki and brings together artists who share a passion in dance and stage art. Willman Dance Company creates contemporary dance pieces in which the central focus is on the movement of dance. Around the movement of dance the personality of each dancer, strength of the music, individuality of the costume design and the atmosphere of the lighting shape the red line of each piece. The goal of the company is to create original contemporary dance pieces that focus on the central questions of humanity.

Interested in: touring, pedagogic activities (in Russia or/and in Finland), making choreography in Russia, searching for residencies