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July 14th, 20:00

I HAVE A GUN / Anna Kravchenko

I can’t remember anything about this day. Can’t switch the light on, people are coming in and coming out, watching, pretending not to watch. “We’re just passing by here, you can go on.” And you need to go on moving. No one knows how. Hesitation, humming, pressure. Movement as an attempt to remember something at gunpoint. 

Duration: 10 min

Music: Mads Emil Nielsen / Sway

Sound: Anastasiya Tolchneva

Work was created under “5 Solos” program.

HARMONY / Laura Koistinen (choreographer), Vera Tegelman

Choroegrapher Laura Koistinen’s Harmony is a poetic and humoristic duet, a series of surrealistic events rising from the unconscious. Harmony is a story of a friendship. It presents a world of imbalance and absurd logic, where vivid and daydreaming - even slightly comic - characters are trying to reach harmony with themselves, each other and the surroundings. 

Duration: 30 min

Lighting and set design: Mike Haaranen

Sound design: Saku Koistinen

July 15th, 20:00

SUITE / Victor Vybornov

At some point I keep on facing one and the same situation. I have a feeling that I’m going the wrong way. This feeling keeps on coming back to me regularly. I take some action, but I’m not satisfied with the result. I’m still not there. I start asking myself whether I’m making the right choice, whether I see the right signs on my way, whether I make enough steps to arrive where I want to be. Do I know where I want to be?

Duration: 20 min

Music: G. Bizet “Carmen”

Work was created under “5 Solos” program.

ANHEL / Nella Turkki, Marc Vilanova

The duet explores the feeling of longing as evidence of our existence. It visualizes this irrational feeling which makes us being connected to places and people we are not physically connected to, or have never been. This feeling is often suppressed in everyday life; nowadays, social media keeps us connected to almost anywhere in the world. But is that connection enough? Why is there always a feeling of missing something - of being connected to something what we can't reach? Why do we have these invisible strings of longing that pull us towards somewhere else, and where exactly do they lead us?

Duration: 30 min

July 16th, 20:00

BREATHING ZERO / Yulia Chekmas (breathing, movement), Alexey Epishev (media)

Breathing is an initial impulse of life and core of our existence. But  how often do we perceive our own breathing? What can it mean for us? By this work we are expressing the first phase of our research on how breathing influences artistic image. Keeping away from any early judgements we are trying to watch the process that’s being born.

Duration: 30 min

Breath psycho-techniques consultant: Dmitriy Belyaev

Work was created under “Me and the Other. Contemporary dance duets” program

ON EQUILIBRIUM / Saku Koistinen

On Equilibrium is an attempt to perceive life in five acts. The starting points of this performance have been in the questions of personality and existence, without forgetting black humor contained to these subjects. Daniil Harms's absurd writings have been the background material and the reference of this work.

Duration: 30 min

July 17th, 20:00

IN A MOMENT WE MEET (premiere) / Vera Priklonskaya

A meeting with unknown and a body that greets this meeting. A moment, a chance. The existence on border line between private and public spaces. Opportunities: movement, wildness, silence, animality, sound, rhythm, change, meeting. My meeting with the viewer and my own movement. Practice of unknown.

Duration: 25 min

Work supported by Fabrika Center of Creative Industries.

TRASH LAND / Anni Puuperä, Satu Rinnetmäki (concept and choreography)

Trash land, a collaboration between Satu Rinnetmäki and Anni Puuperä, is a work about objects and movement. It is a performance for one performer and a huge amount of different kind of objects. Trash land is a place where everything is constantly changing and moving. It is an amusement park of materialism.

Duration: 20 min

Performers: Satu Rinnetmäki and objects.

Costume and visual design: Anni Puuperä.

SHAKING (work in progress) / Anna Garafeeva (choreography), Lina Langner (movement) 

There have been so many dances danced and so many techniques discovered - it’s hard to imagine the movement that can still surprise our viewer. We are also tired of repeating the forms that are outdated and don’t evoke neither our emotions nor imagination. It all stopped making sense. What is left for us? We go to stage and rend the air. 

Duration: 17 min 


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