at Aleksanterin teatteri, Helsinki
28.8. - 31.10.2015

Alexander Theatre in Helsinki has been always a home for world class dance productions and companies. This season it again offers a varibale choice of shows for contemporary dance lovers: three Finnish dance companies with five different performances (Alpo Aaltokoski Company, Carl Knif Company & Pori Dance Company) and one Norwegian dance performance (Jo Strømgren Company). 

Okon fuoko, Alpo Aaltokoski Company, Aleksanteri tanssii 2015

© Alpo Aaltokoski Company

Alpo Aaltokoski Company

Alpo Aaltokoski – Leevi Madetoja


Choreographer Aaltokoski interprets the 88 years old Okon Fuoko ballet composition in the light of SoMe phenomena. AAC’s new work brings on stage seven top contemporary dancers and the vivid handprint of an internationally acclaimed working group.

Choreographer Alpo Aaltokoski equates Okon Fuoko’s story to today’s selfie culture. ”Internet is the horn of plenty of wishes in which we can build the ideal partner for ourselves or try ourselves to become one. This is not, however, a phenomenon only characteristic to our time: since centuries people have projected their dreams to various images and artificial constructions.”

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A Dance Tribute To The Art Of Football, Jo Strømgren Kompanii, Aleksanteri tanssii 2015

© Knut Bry

Jo Strømgren Kompani

Choreography: Jo Strømgren 
A Dance Tribute To The Art Of Football

The performance delves into the physical routine of football and elevates the aesthetic aspects of its insanity. It comments the difference between “common sports” and “eloquent arts”, likewise the concept of working-class football and upper-class ballet.

Initiated in early 1997, the performance has proven to be the first of its kind. All research on possible earlier dance performances based on football has given no result. Except for a Russian choreographer who made a part-evening ballet in the 1930’s where one of the dancers portrayed a football player. This piece was unfortunately never documented. Apparently it was done with classical technique to classical music.

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Friends of Dymphna, Carl Knif Company, Aleksanterin tanssii 2015

© Carl Knif Company

Carl Knif Company

Friends of Dymphna | RED

In an environment of throwaway art and sleek production thinking we suddenly find something that stands out; Carl Knif. He is more than personal, he is singular almost peculiar. His art does not resemble anyone else ́s.

Carl Knif Company was formed in 2012. After a decade of working as a dancer and freelance choreographer, Knif started his own company as a base for new productions as well as repertoire. With pieces such Hologram Walls, Claude glass and Mothertongue audiences have learned to know the surrealistic, dreamlike, humoristic qualities of Knif ́s works. His deeply humanistic message is conveyed by a highly skilled cast of dancers.




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Observations Of The Earth, Havaintoja Maasta, Pori Dance Company, Aleksanteri tanssii 2015

© Esa Kyyrö

Pori Dance Company
From The Edge Of The World

Observations Of The Earth | ARK

Pori Dance Company’s evening presents two works with imaginative and different approaches to touch some present issues facing our home planet. Observations of the Earth by choreographer Mikko Lampinen is a work that takes one to an enigmatic and audiovisually rich journey that sweeps through many issues relating the state of the enviroment and takes prejudices by the neck. ARK - a work by choreographer Riku Lehtopolku, has gotten its spark from many sorts of well-being practises through which people seek happier lives in a world that keeps on getting more crowded and swift.

”Mikko Lampinen's and Riku lehtopolku's fine choreographies Observation Of The Earth and ARK both deal with the humankind's present state with insightful criticism" - Satakunnan Kansa
”Skills of dancers, expression and general dynamics are immence" - Turun Sanomat

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Alexander Dances ticket offer: 2 evenings -15%, 3-4 evenings -20%


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