About the Exchange Programme

In August 2014 Dance Info Finland together with the Embassy of Finland in Moscow has started a new project, the goal of which is establishing a more intense collaboration between Russia's and Finland's contemporary dance scenes. Russian–Finnish Dance Exchange Program is supported by a special grant for cross-border cultural cooperation with Russia from the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland. 


Finnish-Russian Dance Exchange Programme has increased co-operation between dance companies, cultural institutions, and dance artists from Finland and Russia by organising co-productions, dance performances, workshops, events for sharing knowledge and skills and educational co-operation. 


Finnish and Russian dance companies and artists have been given opportunities to meet each other and network to create the conditions for long-term cooperation.

Between 2014 and 2017, within the framework of the Finnish-Russian dance exchange programme has been implemented:

130 visits of Finnish dance professionals to Russia
28 visits of Finnish Dance productions  to St. Petersburg, Kostroma, Moscow, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg and Kazan
3 festivals of contemporary Finnish dance in St. Petersburg and Moscow
5 short dance films
13 workshops in Finland and Russia
4 study trips to Russia
9 visits of Russian contemporary dance experts to Finland
5 visits of Finnish contemporary dance experts to Russia

6 lectures about Finnish contemporary dance in Russia
2 lectures about Russian contemporary dance in Finland

About Dance Info Finland



Dance Info Finland is charged with promoting the development of Finnish dance art and improving its status and operating conditions in society. In the course of this work it acts as a broad-based expert organisation whose activities include:

  • service and advisory work;

  • reporting, publication and promotional activities;

  • research, education and development projects;

  • advocacy. 

Dance Info Finland’s aims are furthered by means of both domestic and internationally oriented work.

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