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Here you can find information about the on-going collaboration between Finland and Russia in contemporary dance field: festivals, residences, open-calls, catalogue of different dance companies and individual artists that are interested in co-operation both from Russia and Finland.


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September 6, 2019

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Laboratorion ajankohta:  27.10 – 4.11.2019
Haku: 16.9 mennessä
Täytä hakulomake täällä

Petroskoi on Venäjän Karjalan pääkaupunki Äänisjärven länsirannalla. Petroskoin nykytanssikenttä on varsin pieni, mutta esimerkiksi nuoret koreografian opiskelijat ovat yhä enemmän kiinnostuneita nykytanssista.

Avoin haku 22.9. asti: Koreografi nykutanssilaboratorioon Kazanissa


Laboratorion ajankohta:  18.11 – 30.11.2019
Haku: 22.9 mennessä
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Nykytaiteen kulttuurikeskus Smena (Muutos) avattiin Kazanissa joulukuussa 2013. Keskukseen kuuluu kustantamo, galleria, luentosali ja kirjakauppa. Smena järjestää näyttelyitä, luentoja, avoimia keskusteluja, kirjanjulkaisuja, elokuvien ja dokumenttielokuvien näytöksiä, kotimaisten ja ulkomaisten muusikoiden konsertteja.


Look @ Dance Finland festival was held on the New stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater 1-2.12 in St.Petersburg.  During the weekend to the russian audience were presented two contemporary dance works (three shows), workshops, a public talk and Finnish dance films. Both Susanna Leinonen Company's Nasty   and  Compañía Kaari & Roni Martin's Anna Karenina were warmly taken by audience.

Blackpool in Kostroma


Blackpool by Milla Virtanen and Jaakko Toivonen has visited the Diversia Festival in Kostroma, Russia in early October. “The audience went crazy! Apparently our humor opened up somehow especially well for them. ” - says Jaakko Toivoinen.

The International Festival of Contemporary Dance Duets “Diversia” is one of the most known dance festivals in Russia. Organized by Dialogue Dance Company since 2007, the festival has become popular among dance artists from Russia and Europe.

Avoin haku: Koreografi nykytanssilaboratorioon Jekaterinburgissa


The Yeltsin Center in Yekaterinburg is looking for a Finnish choreographer to participate in a laboratory, whose goal is to study the post-industrial space together with Russian dance artists. The result of the laboratory will be presented to the public as a work-in-progress in the Yeltsin Center.


Dates of the laboratory: 11-24 November 2018


Submission deadline: 31.8.2018

Suomalais-venäläinen tanssiyhteistyö puolustaa ilmaisunvapautta ja purkkaa ennakkoluuloja


Tanssin Venäjä -ohjelman koordinaattori Anita Parri pohtii blogitekstissään suomalais-venäläisen tanssiyhteistyön merkitystä ja vaikutuksia. Nykytanssi ja nykytaide on Venäjällä hyvin erilaisessa asemassa kuin Suomessa.

Lue lisää  Tanssin tiedotuskeskuksen verkkosivuilla.


Vuonna 2014 Tanssin tiedotuskeskus aloitti Suomen ja Venäjän välisen tanssiyhteistyön kehittämisohjelman yhteistyössä Suomen Moskovan suurlähetystön kanssa. Kolmen vuoden ajan Tanssin Venäjä -ohjelma on tuonut yhteen suomalaisia ja venäläisiä tanssin toimijoita luoden mahdollisuuksia maiden väliselle käytännön yhteistyölle.

Loppuvuodesta 2017 Tiedotuskeskus toteutti ohjelman arvioinnin ulkopuolisen arvioitsijan toimesta. Maaliskuussa 2018 julkaistiin ohjelman arviointiraportti, joka on luettavissa Tanssin tiedotuskeskuksen verkkosivuilla.

Lue lisää  Tanssin tiedotuskeskuksen verkkosivuilla.

Tutustu Tanssin Venäjä -ohjelman arviointiraporttiin.

OPEN CALL: Tendency -Contemporary Dance Festival, Krasnodar, Russia (19.- 22.4.2018)

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Happening between 19th - 22th of April 2018 the festival will consist of performances and workshops both by Russian and foreign companies. The festival will take place at the theatre platform One Theatre and company’s own dance studio Vozdukh.


Anastasia Proshutinskayan avoin luento "Overview in Russian contemporary dance" on nyt katsottavissa netissä.
Proshutinskaya toimii kuraattorina ja tutkijana ZIL-kulttuurikeskuksessa Moskovassa. Luento pidettiin Teatterikorkeakoululla 10.11.2017.

Järjestäjä: Tanssin Tiedotuskeskus
Esittely: Professori Kirsi Monni

Curator and researcher at ZIL culture centre (Moscow, Russia) Anastasia Proshutinskaya will keep a lecture about Russian contemporary dance field


Open lecture: Overview of Russian contemporary dance

Place: Taideyliopiston Teatterikorkeakoulu, Auditorio 1 (Haapaniemenkatu 6, Helsinki)

Time: 10.11.2017 
10.00 am - 11.30 am  

This talk is about current dance artists in Moscow and beyond, an attempt to share their voices and practices via images, fragmented videos and some curatorial spoken word. This talk is also about layers of local context in which dance is being created: institutional context, social context, theoretical context. Without an ambition to present any complete picture or consequent history, it traces different generations of dance artists that coincide nowadays. Most of all, this talk is an experiment: what will resonate, what will appear to be relevant to you?

Anastasia Proshutinskaya, curator and researcher at ZIL culture centre (Moscow, Russia).
MA in Art Theory and History, Moscow State University. MA in Performance Studies, Illinois State University, USA.


October 25 Alpo Aaltokoski and Johanna Ikola performed pieces Ali Alpo and Hope on the stage of the Academic Drama Theater in the capital of Republic Komi, Syktyvkar.


Finnish-Russian Society will carry on two different dance projects in St. Petersburg this September together with Dance Info Finland and Finland's Institute in St. Petersburg.

Arja Tiili Dance Company's Break the Fight workshops will be held on September 9 at the at the St. Petersburg Balansirovka Street Art Festival. The workshops conducted by Finnish hiphop and graffiti art professionals are dealing with bullying in schools. 

Alpo Aaltokoski Company's  Take My Hand -piece will be presented in the frames of XVIII Finnish-Russian Cultural Forum on September 22. 


​RBTH presents five troupes that can compete with those of Pina Bausch and Martha Graham.


From June 29 to July 9, the XIX International St.Petersburg Dance Festival "Open Look" traditionally gathered the most influential representatives of contemporary dance from all over the world at the New Stage of Alexandrinsky theatre.

The headliner of the festival Tero Saarinen Company opened the international programme with the piece Morphed on 30th of June.

Työmatkalla Jekaterinburgissa (in Finnish)


Dance-film director Kati Kallio talking about her experience of shooting dance-film in Yekaterinburg, Russia.


An Article in Russian language about the process of shooting documentary dance-film in Yekaterinburg from Kati Kallio and Antti Ahokoivu. 


For the first time Finnish dance was presented in Kazan at the International Festival of Dance Performance Telovidenie. For the ninth time the festival was organized by a camber ballet Panthera, which is the only professional contemporary dance company in the Republic of Tatarstan.


AB Dance Company (Aurinkobaletti) will present their piece Beauty and the Beast at the Dance 4 Kids festival 26.3.-1.4.2017. Organized in Saint Petersburg for the fifth time, the festival gathers performing children and youth groups from all over Russia.

SkoroFinnish Fest 2016

From 8 to 14 December 2016 for the second time Finnish contemporary dance will be presented in Skorohod-venue, St.Petersburg. This year the curators of the festival had a task to choose the most diverse, but at the same time easily approachable program.


Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki presented its MA Choreography programme on the first and largest palace of culture in Moscow, ZIL Cultural Center.  

The MA  Choreography programme emphasizes a historically conscious, yet critical, open, and research-based take on choreography. The aspects of Finnish dance teaching system are interesting for Russian colleagues from contemporary dance field.

One day programme included 2 solo performances by choreographers Jenni-Elina von Bagh and Sara Gurevitsch , 2 group demos and lecture by Kirsi Monni.

The dance education programme in the North Karelia College in Outokumpu and Dialogue Dance school, Kostroma, Russia

As part of the Finnish-Russian dance exchange programme, the dance education programme in the North Karelia College in Outokumpu and Dialogue Dance school from Kostroma, Russia, organized mutual visits during this autumn.


During one week Finnish dance educators were teaching workshops in Kostroma, and later Russian teachers were invited for a week to Outokumpu to teach local Finnish students.  

Finnish choreographers will present dance performances based on Bazhov’s tales in Yekaterinburg


Choreographers from Finland will visualize Tales of the Ural writer Pavel Bazhov as a part of Bazhov-fest.  The casting for the participants to the International Laboratory of Contemporary Dance «Game rules» (Russia-Finland) took place last week in the Centre of contemporary choreography in Yekaterinburg. The results of the laboratory will be presented on 20th of August at the Ural branch of the NCCA.

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